About us

Virtuenetworks/ VIRTUE™

VIRTUE™️ is the Investment & Development management group. Its mission is to localize the SDG2030 in alignment of UN Economic Investment & Development Initiatives:

To assist in strengthening national infrastructures and promoting quality of life programs during these challenging times, defined by an agenda of sustainability. Virtue™ will provide the national level connectivity to the digital economy i.e. for  social infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, finance infrastructure, agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing and transportation.

The VIRTUE™ mission:

  • Promotion of sustainable economic growth for the poor, supporting social development in Indonesia and ultimately the world at large.  
  • Facilitate and promote good governance and social development.
  • Collectively with our affiliates bring the know how and world standards from the U.S. to improve the quality of life and social development for the local people.
  • Together with our global platform partners we can deliver the most sophisticated and challenging projects.