The economy is the rock on which all else is built. Whether from enterprise, equities, commodities or currency,  economic turmoil and volatility in the marketplace is not new- however the pandemic has degraded  global economies in a profound way. Advance expertise will be required to stem the trends of contractions and sliding GDPs. Financial management and FinTech savvy are Virtue™ core strengths that will be day one ready to grow the recovery and boost markets, wherever and however necessary. 

In the the time of Covid-19, all our perspectives for the global health are in flux.VIRTUE™ is dedicated to investing in virus mitigation efforts to flatten the curve and restore general health as we assist in creating protocols against future threats. This will include encouraging a wellness infrastructure to promote a more vital and healthy population with robust immunity. As important will be the shared community spirit as we overcome this challenge and move up to the new normal that follows.

From the legacy tech of coal, oil, natural gas,  to the future sustainables of geo-thermal, hydro, wind, and solar power generation, VIRTUE™ has the experts to support the region’s economic growth and at the same time maintain the environment’s natural habitats. 

The post Covid transport world will have its own set of challenges. How we congregate. How we’ll function in close quarters, on trains or planes. How best to travel domestically and abroad.Whether the solutions will be high speed rail or mag-lev on land, hydro-foil over water or STOL or VTOL planes for domestic travel, VIRTUE™ is committed to being part of those solutions.

We are faced with clear and present dangers to the food supply- soil erosion, over farming and under producing and even acid rain threaten our most vital commodity. VIRTUE™agricultural unit is devoted to protecting the food supply, with proven sustainable yield technologies to guarantee robust supply and generations of growth.

Wherever there is a need for potable water, waste water treatment, flood and storm water control, VIRTUE™ partners with the leading experts in the industry.  As water management becomes even more vital in the immediate future, the need for accelerated solutions will be a critical element in the VIRTUE™ strategy.

Within a spectacular archipelago of more then 17,000 islands, Indonesia has more than its share of world class destinations and tourism has clearly reflected that. As the industry looks to a post pandemic recovery, new options will be available to improve overall connectivity from the out islands of Aceh to the mountains of Papua that will help the tourism industry streamline operations and provide improved consumer experiences. Virtue™ is proud to be part of this re-invigoration engine.

The challenge of developing resources both inland and off-shore in a challenged economy. Despite having the largest gold mine and second largest copper mine in the world, Indonesia’s greatest mineral opportunities, both inland and offshore, may be ahead. Focused investment and complex project management will drive the exploration and yield of the next generation of natural  resources. Virtue™ brings the full scope of expertise to partner in moving these efforts forward.

5G Technology is expanding the possible: Cloud Computing,  IoT/Autonomy Technology.  Our team includes foremost Silicon Valley engineers expert in next generation data centers and cloud computing technologies. Our leading edge ICT expertise will propel Indonesia to a competitive position in the ASEAN markets and beyond.